21 valuable tea estates owned by the government given to China..! Here are the conspiracy of the incredible deal..!

(Lanka-e-News -13.Feb.2021, 11.30PM) The junta government of the Gotabaya-Mahinda Rajapaksa-led Rajapaksa family, which came to power swearing not to sell the country, has made all arrangements to sell 21 state-owned tea estates to China, reports Lanka e News.

Who is this Fujian . .?

As a first step, the government is announcing that the Sri Lanka Tea Board has signed a business agreement with China. Accordingly, the Ceylon Tea Board has signed an agreement with a Starchina International Trade Company Limited in China and China will buy 4 million kilos of local tea at market price for a period of 15 years, a government spokesman said. But according to a press release issued by China, they buy tea from Sri Lanka at a pre-agreed price. China further says that they are working to modernize the tea factories in Sri Lanka. 

Government is pretending..

According to goernment spokesman’s statement that China will buy tea for 15 years at market prices is a slouch. China always buys tea at a fixed price.

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