Government make a complete fool of its own leaders

SLPP embarrasses Prime Minister; then buries its head in the COVID sand

Nevertheless, the Government did not explain in Parliament as to why the PM had given an assurance that burials would be allowed, though some SLPP MPs dug an even bigger hole for themselves and their Government by claiming at a news briefing that what the PM meant was that the dead were allowed to be buried and that he did not mean COVID victims could be buried: a ludicrous explanation that made Mr Rajapaksa, a former President and one of the most experienced politicians in the country, look like a child who stated the obvious.

Let Muslims be allowed to bury their COVID dead

But the Muslim ecstasy and the world applause was, alas, short lived. It didn’t survive the sunrise.

The following day Thursday SLPP Gampaha MP Kokila Gunawardena addressing a press conference refuted that the Prime Minister had given the nod for COVID dead Muslim burials but that he had only said in Parliament that “Muslim burials will be allowed”. The SLPP MP said “the Prime Minister or the President cannot decide on permitting COVID burial and it will be done by ‘a committee of experts’.”

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