Sri Lanka is definitively in a post-Trump international order.

Minister’s withdrawal of security to a Tamil National Alliance (TNA) frontliner for participation in this protest is part and parcel of a grand pseudo-nationalist bonfire that we are witnessing to our intense mortification, fanned by a racist media which has abandoned all claims to professionalism let alone impartiality. But this profound misery has been, let me repeat, enabled by criminal ‘yahapalanaya’ failures of which the TNA was very much a part. Its attempted resuscitation through Tamil ‘nationalist’ protest reminds me, irresistibly, of a ‘Saul on the road to Damascus’ moment, in the best of Bibilical traditions of redemption.

The Minister’s fury was directed at the march from Pottuvil to Polikandy by war afflicted Tamils asking for justice, united with Muslims pleading for the right to bury their covid-afflicted dead. But imprisonment is exactly what protestors want, as the politically infantile Minister may be well reminded. This is the way towards precipitation of the cause, of propelling critical mass energy and calling attention to legitimate demands for fairness and justice.

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