Tamils and Muslims, divided by Tiger extremism, were brought together by Rajapaksa extremism

For the Rajapaksas, the minorities are aliens, permanent guests who will be allowed to live on sufferance, and on terms of manifest and submissive inequality. A case in point is the strangely similar genesis of the National Anthem and burial issues.

The Army Commander laid the foundation stone for a temple complex in Kankasanturai, Tissa Raja Maha Viharaya, named after King Devanampiyatissa. The construction of the 100-foot chaithya will be handled by the Army.

The National Anthem in Tamil was banished from Independence Day celebrations for the second successive year. President Gotabaya used his Independence Day speech to parade his Sinhala-Buddhist credentials.

The Government, ignoring scientific advice, continued to forcibly cremate the Muslim COVID-dead.  


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