Today Is The Sixth Anniversary Of Genocide Resolution

By C.V. Wigneswaran – 

Justice C.V. Wigneswaran MP

Someone asked me: Hon’ Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam has used the word “Genocide” in Parliament yesterday. Both Government and Opposition MPs objected to such a strong word being used. As a Lawyer, Law Lecturer, Judge and Politician what have you to say? 

My response was: Due to logistical reasons I could not attend Parliament yesterday. Otherwise I would certainly have supported young Gajendrakumar, whose father was my contemporary at Royal. I congratulate him on his performance.

As stated by him “Genocide” is not mere killing of a racial, national, religious or ethnic group. No doubt the word comes from the Greek word “Genos” which means race and Latin term “Caedere” which means to kill. But the definition in Law has now enlarged to encompass many instances of deliberate extermination of a human group.

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