India may regret sooner or later!

S. V. KIRUPAharan, France 

11 October 2018 

“It’s not a mistake to make a mistake, but it is a mistake to repeat the mistake.”  

During the 39th session of the Human Rights Council – HRC, on 14 September 2018, I listened to the right to reply by UN member States. In the HRC, the right to reply means a verbal attack either on a State or an NGO. 

On 14th September it was between India and Pakistan. During the decades of my participation in the UN Human Rights Forums, I have heard hundreds of ‘wars of words’ between states. But what I heard on 14th September 2018 is very damaging to India.  

An Indian rep said the following: “…What is portrayed by Pakistan as self-determination is actually state-sponsored cross-border terrorism and the support actually means extending military, financial, logistical support to terrorism against India.” (Excerpt)

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