What If There Is A Showdown In Geneva?

By Kumar David –

Prof. Kuma David

Within five days of your reading this the UNHRC Sessions will commence in Geneva. It is still not certain how the battle-lines on the Sri Lanka confrontation will unfold. Thinking, at this moment seems to be that the Core Group (UK, Canada, Germany and two small nations) will table a tough resolution on the lines of Commissioner Michelle Bachelet’s damning report and that it will likely have the support of the new US Administration. Without US backing the stance of the Core Group will be a damp squib. In the meantime it is rumoured that there is intense lobbying by Gotabaya’s diplomats to reach a compromise resolution, or if this fails to ensure that any reproving resolution is defeated with robust Chinese support and aided by an Indian abstention.

I cannot predict the outcome but if the US and the Core Group denounce Sri Lanka, even if their resolution is not carried, for undermining previous UNHRC decisions and neglecting reconciliation the fallout will be damaging. 


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