Prince Charles ‘nearly drew blood’ laughing in Sri Lanka & was taken to underpant factory

PRINCE CHARLES, 72, has been all over the world on behalf of the Royal Family. Not all royal visits have gone smoothly, however, with a state visit to Sri Lanka proving very chaotic indeed, as one author detailed.

“‘Have you got your bullet-proof vests?’ he joked to the accompanying press pack (some of whom actually had).

“No sooner had the flight touched down that the dramas – and comedy – began on the Colombo tarmac.

“The Sri Lankan artillery unit performing the twenty-one-gun salute to welcome the Prince inadvertently managed to set fire to the grass beside the runway with red-hot shell casings.

“As fire engines raced past the royal dais, the Prince was invited to inspect the guard of honour, whereupon a stray dog appeared from nowhere and joined him.

“[Prince Charles’] first engagement was originally supposed to have been a visit to the Buddhist holy of holies, the Temple of the Tooth, but terrorists had blown up part of it earlier in the week,” said Hardman.

“So he was taken instead to a Courtaulds factory producing men’s Y-front underpants for Marks & Spencer.

“Doing his best to keep the mood upbeat, the Prince made a speech thanking the workforce for ‘providing hidden support to substantial parts of the UK population’.”

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