The High Commissioner, Michelle Bachelet, is a former president of
Chile. She and her family were jailed under the dictatorial rule of Pinochet. Her father was killed by its jailors, and she was abused in prison. Could her background and character be factors behind her report?

My speculation is that must be the case. No matter what our work is, our own life experiences enter into our decision-making. I believe many of her actions as the socialist president  (2006-10; 2014-18) suggest she agrees with Martin Luther King when he spoke of solidarity with the oppressed: “Injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere”

The majority (29 to 12 with 6 abstentions) resolution only condemned the LTTE for committing terrorism. From what I have been able to ascertain, some LTTE forces did commit terrorist abuses, including killing some Sinhalese in their homes, on trains and buses. LTTE commander Karuna, who became a rival of the top leader, Prabhakaran, murdered 700 police officers that Karuna forces had captured and disarmed. These acts, while abhorrent, cannot be compared to the permanent terror treatment committed by the governments’ military and police, and not only in war but on a daily basis.

(In yet another contradiction, Karuna joined the Rajapakse government, who soon appointed this gross murderer to be his Minister of National Integration. Not even George Orwell could have foretold such despicable immoral hypocrisy.)

A key sentence in the 2009 HRC debate is what Cuba’s ambassador spoke: “Sri Lanka’s sovereign right to fight terrorism and separatism within its undisputed borders must be respected.” 

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