Mad King Nandasena Arrests Man For “Organizing” Honking Protest At Chinese Defence Minister’s Motorcade

In another sign of President Nandasena Rajapaksa’s growing insecurity complex, the 31 year old identified as being the organizer of the honking protest during a road closure for a VVIP traffic movement on Tuesday (27) night has been arrested by the police.

He was arrested on charges of unlawful assembly and obstructing the duties of police officers, Police Spokesman Ajith Rohana said. The arrested man would be produced before the courts and charged under the Penal Code, he added. The police spokesman claimed that under the terms of the Vienna Convention, Sri Lanka had to provide maximum security to envoys such as the Chinese Defence Minister.

“The Chinese Defence Minister is a diplomat and a minister of one of the superpowers in the world” Ajith Rohana told local broadcasters.

The honking protest took place when the motorcade of the Chinese Defence Minister was passing through Colombo 07 on Tuesday night.

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