Indications seem to be emerging to pressurize the Cardinal to consider total forgiveness to the sinners of the Easter Day Carnage. Not for sinners who planned and carried out the attacks but for the Political and State Officials who colossally failed to prevent it. The plan launch was displayed with Media in attendance, meaning  pre-planned with official support, undoubtedly for Nationwide telecast, with some senior ranked cops recommended for indictment by the Presidential Commission for their gross failures of duty resulting in a bloody carnage travelling in full uniform violating Inter Provincial lockdown meeting Buddhist Prelates crying for sympathy and their support. Finding fault with the Commission Report they cried over probable loss of their high ranked employment and pensions and even death sentence and imprisonment. One perceives the move as seeking of refuge with the powerful and persuasive powers of the Maha Sangha with the government and the society.

Moving in official uniform well beyond their District of duty amounts technically to vacation of post unless pre-approved by their superiors. Presidential Commission of Inquiry ( PCI) which is a legal mechanism is a formal inquiry into a defined issue ordered by the President to report findings give advice and make recommendations. The Commission set up by the former President Sirisena was endorsed by the current President GR. Those Police Officers criticizing the recommendations of the Commission openly, may amount to an insult to the President himself who has tacitly accepted the recommendations going by his silence on the aftermath of the five man Cabinet sub-Committee he appointed to advice on the recommendations. The said Policemen still does not seem to have been notified of any indictment or formal charges filed against them by the Attorney General and as such may have jumped the gun. Or is it a gimmick to fill the current vacuum of inaction against them loudly voiced by the Church, to forestall action against them by the AG. In a larger context there is a strong suspicion on the “modus operandi’ of the Policemen seeking Maha Sangha intervention, as a move to subvert the recommendations of the Commission to stall judicial action against them or perhaps to galvanize support of the  Maha Sangha to make a plea to His Eminence the Cardinal on their behalf for Christian love and forgiveness. It could even be a ruse to have the recommendations of the Commission re-assessed by another hand packed panel by President GR in the face of protests by the Buddhist Clergy which may end up with favourable recommendations to absolve both political leaders and police bigwigs of culpability for the Easter Crime.  

AGR.Silva – Kandana

Thank you

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