Jake Paul says Tyron Woodley cannot cope with ‘natural power’ and admits ‘I haven’t been hit’ in pro boxing career | Boxing News

Jake Paul has warned former UFC champion Tyron Woodley about his “natural power” and admits “I haven’t been hit” during his professional boxing career.

The YouTuber faces Woodley in his fourth pro bout this Sunday, with Paul promising to add another knockout to his unbeaten record.

Paul needed only a round to stop Ben Askren, another UFC fighter, and the social media star believes opponents cannot cope with his concussive punches.

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The YouTuber has ignited a rivalry with former UFC fighter Tyron Woodley

“I’m just built different,” Paul told Sky Sports. “I have something inside of me that I think is just a natural born fighter, with natural power.

“You can teach a lot of things, but you can’t teach speed and you can’t teach power.

“I think that’s why my fights have ended so early.

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Look back at Jake Paul’s swift KO win over AnEson Gib

“When those 10oz Grant gloves come on, I just grip them back, and the knuckles are at the front of the gloves. There’s no way these people’s heads can deal with this damage.”

Woodley previously held the UFC’s welterweight belt, retaining the title on four occasions, but Paul has vowed to shatter his opponent’s reputation with a swift knockout.

“Honestly after this camp, I said three [rounds] and now I’m thinking, max two,” he told Sky Sports.

“But to be honest, something in my heart tells me that it’s going to be another one round fight.

“As crazy as that sounds. I think it’s going to be a very short night for Tyron.”

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Tommy Fury has threatened to break every bone in Jake Paul’s face

Paul settled his rivalry with fellow YouTuber AnEsonGib with a first round knockout, while he inflicted another crushing stoppage on former NBA basketball player Nate Robinson.

“I haven’t been hit in a fight yet,” Paul said. “My first fight with AnEsonGib, there was like a head butt and his head went straight into my nose in the clinch.

“Ben Askren hit me in the shoulder. But I actually haven’t been hit which is hilarious to me. Hopefully Tyron can hit me.

“I like to get hit in sparring and wake up. This is a fight, we’re really doing this.

“We’ll see what’s in store.”

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