Deontay Wilder will gain brutal revenge over Tyson Fury within five rounds, says head trainer Malik Scott | Boxing News

Deontay Wilder will only need five rounds to gain brutal revenge over Tyson Fury who has a ‘very vulnerable’ fighting style, says the American’s head trainer Malik Scott.

Wilder has been made to wait longer for a third WBC heavyweight title fight, which was pushed back until October 9 after a Covid-19 outbreak in Fury’s camp.

But Scott has already told Sky Sports about technical frailties that he has spotted in Fury ahead of the Las Vegas clash.

Tyson Fury, Deontay Wilder
Fury and Wilder will battle again for the WBC belt in Las Vegas

“Fury fights with his hands down, at times with his chin up, at times he comes forwards, at times he is close with his hands down.

“He has been knocked down by guys who hit less hard than Deontay. He is very vulnerable.

“I’ve never seen Fury fight and say: ‘Wow he is unbeatable’.

“On his best day he looks good but still looks beatable.

“This Deontay would knock out the old Deontay in two rounds. He is 10 times more focused, training 100 times harder.

“It is a violent camp. His mentality is very violent.

“This will be the best version of Deontay Wilder that you have ever seen.”

Fury had dismissed suggestions that Wilder could alter his tactics after inflicting a seventh-round stoppage to claim the WBC belt in February 2020.

“I gave my game plan away the last time because he wasn’t good enough to do anything about it,” Fury said at their press conference in June. “I’ll do the same thing this time.

“Wilder is a one-trick pony. What I’ll do this time? I’ll run him over like I’m an 18-wheeler.

“I guarantee he does not go past where he did before [the seventh round].”

But Scott insists that Wilder has the boxing skills needed to lure Fury into a destructive defeat.

“They underestimate his IQ,” Scott told Sky Sports. “He is not some big, dumb guy who just throws a right hand.

“There is method to his madness.

“Deontay’s IQ is very high. I watch him create, watch him put himself in position, set guys up into surgical traps.

“Deontay will knock Fury out inside of five rounds.”

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