The government is preparing for a pesticide scam same just like the sugar scam- Nalin

Samagi Jana Balawegaya MP Nalin Bandara says that the government is preparing for a pesticide racket similar to the sugar racket.

“There are 114 types of pesticides and fungicides. A cabinet paper has been issued to re-import 35 of them.

The Rajapaksa government that said they will move to 100% organic farming has reversed this as well.

One problem is that 90 percent of these 35 pesticides are owned by 29 companies and one of those 29 companies brings them to this country.

It also contains fungicides and insecticides, but not weedicides. Weed killers are essential for paddy cultivation. I do not know what the government’s position is on this.

The government is preparing for another pesticide scam like the sugar scam ”

Nalin Bandara stated this addressing a media briefing held yesterday (25).

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