COVID-19 not a dangerous disease – SB

COVID-19 was not a dangerous disease and most of the deaths were caused by the extreme fear of the virus, SLPP MP S.B. Dissanayake said yesterday addressing a press conference.

Dissanayake said that people were unnecessarily worried about COVID-19 and that it was only the sixth highest cause of death in the world, he said.

“The WHO did a recent study about leading causes of death in recent months. Most people have died from cancer. This is followed by smoking, alcohol abuse, suicide and malaria. COVID only comes after them,” MP Dissanayake said.

The SLPP lawmaker said that 81% of those who contracted the coronavirus didn’t even know that they were infected. 14% showed mild symptoms and only 5% were severely affected.

“Even out of this only around 2% die. The percentage is 1.9% in Sri Lanka and 2.3% in the world. We can’t lockdown like the US, Australia or New Zealand, we have a foreign reserve crisis. So, we should not panic. We should open up and everyone must try to protect themselves to the best of their ability. Main thing is not to panic,” he said. (RK)

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