Death rate due to Covid may drop by mid-September

The number of deaths influenced by Covid will be dropped down to a relieving level by the time of which those of over age 30 are fully vaccinated and have developed immunity, based on the current vaccination program against the pandemic, Specialist Dr. Prasanna Gunasena, President of the State Pharmaceuticals Corporation (SPC), said speaking to a briefing held in Colombo today (28).

This period would be from mid-September to October, he added.

About 35.5 million doses of the vaccine are required for the entire population, who are eligible for the vaccine, Dr. Gunasena emphasised, revealing that 22 million doses have already been received to the country.

He went on that the National Committee on Vaccination has recommended that the vaccine be administered to school children, adding that this will be completed in the future.

“The total number of vaccines required for Sri Lanka is around 35.5 million. Sri Lanka has already received 22 million doses of the vaccine. Another 13 million is required to complete the rest. Among them will be 08 million doses of Sinopharm vaccine and 04 million doses of Pfizer vaccine, which are due on delivery on October. When these are collected, you get all the doses that are required to meet the desired goal.

More than 30 per cent of the people in our country will be vaccinated and fully immunised by mid-September. Accordingly, the number of deaths should start dropping. None of us would benefit fromm calculating the number of deaths per hour or the number of deaths per day. Treat chronic disease properly. If have any doubts that you have developed Covid, rest very well. Keep your body well hydrated without letting it dehydrate. Collect advice from a doctor over the phone. If the illness does not go away in a day or two, go to a hospital as soon as possible. If thse five or six factors are adhered to properly, the number of dying patients could be reduced,” he said.


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