Emergency Regulations on the provision of Essential Food Items in effect from midnight today

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has declared that the Emergency Regulations on the provision of essential food items, in accordance with the powers vested in him via  Section 02 of the Public Security Ordinance, enforcing the provisions of Section ii of it, will be in effect from midnight today (30).

This is mainly on the objective of enabling the authorised officers to purchase stocks of essential food items including paddy, rice and sugar at reasonable prices at government-declared prices or imported at the Customs, providing them to the consumers at reasonable prices, and recovering the loans given by the state banks to purchase stocks from the borrowers.

Major General M D S P Nivunhella has been appointed as the Commissioner General of Services essential for coordinating the distribution of paddy, rice, sugar and other consumer items required for the normal functioning of the people.


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