US Foreign Affairs Committee member Dina Titus advocates stronger US-Sri Lanka bonds

United States Congresswoman Dina Titus, also a member of America’s vital House Foreign Affairs Committee, advocates strong bonds between the U.S. and Sri Lanka through a vigorous democratic process.

An active member of the U.S. House of Representatives’ Sub-Committee on Asia-Pacific – under whose purview Sri Lanka falls – encourages critical reforms to rule of law and democracy in this South Asian nation.

Reminding the Biden administration’s broader foreign policy goal is centered on safeguarding and strengthening of human rights, Congresswoman Professor Dina Titus said that she was proud to work with Sri Lankan expatriate community – with whom she has closer working relationship–and the other Members of the Congress to strengthen the relationship between the two nations.

Dina Tutus throughout her professional life, previously professor of political science at the University of Nevada and currently in the American legislature, has been a strong Sri Lanka friend and advocate of Sri Lankan progress through America’s socio-economic engagement.

She made these remarks giving the keynote address at the Annual Session of the Sri Lanka-American Association of Las Vegas in Nevada, an organisation that has taken a lead role in recent months lobbying the US Congress – both the Senators and House Members – to increase the supply of COVID-19 vaccines to Sri Lanka, which was achieved, while encouraging principal members of the House Foreign Relations Committee to communicate to the Biden administration’s Secretary of State Antony Blinken the vitality of providing Sri Lanka temporary mobile medical units in vulnerable districts.

Congresswoman Dina Titus was one of the signatories to that communication. The Sri Lankan expatriates were aiming at getting the involvement of the Indo-Pacific Military Command to set-up the medical units.

She said, addressing the Sri Lankan expatriate community in several western American states who gathered at the annual session of the Sri Lanka-America Association of Las Vegas – graced by Sri Lanka Consul-General of the Western States of the U.S. Dr. Lalith Chandradasa and Sri Lanka’s World Cup winning Cricket Captain Arjuna Ranathunga – “I am proud to serve on House Sri Lanka Caucus and US House Democracy Partnership with legislative strengthening partnership with Sri Lanka we started in 2016.”

Continuing her address Congresswoman Dina Titus said: “I work with other members to strengthen Sri Lanka-United States relations. During the pandemic when Covid-19 continued to rise in Sri Lanka, the United States provided relief assistance with critical vaccines to Sri Lanka.

“My interest in Sri Lanka was enhanced because of my membership in the US House Democratic Partnership that coordinated with democracies to strengthen their legislatures and share best practices on oversights, constituent outreach and peaceful governance.

“We must continue with the legislative strengthening partnership with Sri Lanka that we started in 2016. They are critical to rule of law and democracy reforms. I continue to be a partner in democracy in Sri Lanka and it is critical in geo-political importance in the region.”

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