Covid tests were reduced from 28,000 to 16,000 in 11 days. 27 percent has tested positive yesterday

The number of PCR tests conducted in the country yesterday (30) was 13696 and the number of rapid antigen tests was 3173, according to the website of the Health Promotion Bureau of the Ministry of Health. Accordingly, the total number of covid tests conducted yesterday was 16869.

The Government Information Department has announced the total number of covid patients identified in the country as 4562 yesterday. Accordingly, the test positive rate of covid tests in the country yesterday was 27.04%. On average, a test-positive percentage of over 5% is considered a social outbreak. Therefore, 27.04% is an extremely serious figure.

Eleven days ago, on August 19, Sri Lanka conducted a total of 28,727 covid tests, including 22,290 PCR tests and 6437 rapid antigen tests. As of yesterday, that number had dropped by 11,858. While the health unions continue to call for an increase in the number of daily covid tests to control the epidemic, the reduction of the number of daily tests by 40% in 11 days is a serious matter.


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