Jayaruwan Bandara lies. Thyroxine made in SL not even released to market: Channa Jayasumana

State Minister of Drug Supplies and Regulation Channa Jayasumana denied the allegations made by Dr. Jayaruwan Bandara, Deputy Director of the Medical Research Institute, saying that locally manufactured thyroxine are not even released to the market yet.

Dr. Bandara had recently alleged that patients had confirmed that there were no effect in the administration of locally produced thyroxine.

Jayasumana, in response, stated that although a launching ceremony was held to introduce the locally produced drug, they have not been released to the market so far, thereby questioning as to how the drugs can be accused of being substandard and ineffective.

The first consignment of locally produced thyroxine will be released in September, Jayasumana added.


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