NTB enables growth of SMEs

Employing over 70% of the working population in Sri Lanka, SMEs are responsible for nearly a third of the country’s industrial output with a sizeable contribution to the country’s Gross Domestic Production (GDP). And yet, SMEs are faced with multiple challenges whenever market disruption happens, as evidenced during the Coronavirus pandemic. In this background, Nations Trust Bank has sought to position itself as a partner to the sector, supporting them for long term prosperity, in the role of a responsible financial intermediary.

“Nations Trust Bank has embraced its duty to support the SME sector and partner them in their long-term growth journey. We use a combination of tailor-made financing packages, digital technology, cutting edge banking solutions, and advisory services to uplift SMEs backed by a suite of cash management products and services designed to help businesses,” Arosha Liyanaarachchi, Nations Trust Bank’s Senior Vice President – Commercial Banking, stated.

Nations Trust Bank’s unique solutions for the SME sector are designed in a way to make each SME business a value creator to the national economy and facilitate those businesses to achieve success and continue to thrive with a long-term plan. The Bank works closely with SME businesses with high potential by offering them continuous professional advice and guidance, as well as various financial solutions based on the specific needs of the different stages of the business life cycle. This also includes efficiency improvement tools to streamline their administrative work, which enables smooth and efficient workflows and allows owners to focus on developing their core business.

Nations Trust Bank’s liquidity solutions aim to help businesses to optimize its cash generation cycle, increase efficiencies across business and build a data base of all financial activities where financial information can be extracted with ease of convenience, thus effectively making SME’s a bankable community with required financial information. It also allows companies to integrate their ERP systems with the bank’s digital banking services.

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