Latest condition at LRH revealed (VIDEO)

There is no barrier to treating children who are infected with Covid-19 as well as other illnesses at the Lady Ridgeway Children’s Hospital (LRH), Hospital Director Dr. G. Wijesuriya said, updating on the latest condition at the children’s hospital in Colombo.

Revealing that there is a drop in the number of children receiving residential treatment for Covid-19, Dr. Wijesuriya noted that there is no need to be upset about admitting children as there are enough space. Only three children are being treated at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), he added.

The Hospital Director also urged the parents to immediately admit their children upon any symptom sustained. Children who sustain illnesses must not be treated at home, given attention on the current situation of the country, he added.

The number of children receiving residential treatment has dropped down to 95 and the number of children reported to the hospital for Covid on a daily basis down to 12 – 15, Dr. Wijesuriya went on, adding that about 300 children can be treated in the hospital at present.

In the event that most children at home are likely to contract the virus from their adults, adults should also be following health guidelines , he emphasised.


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