We have enough waste in the country for organic fertilizer production. Emergence of organic fertilizer rackets should be stopped

Organic Fertilizer Minister Shashindra Rajapaksa says that the amount of waste available in our country for the production of organic fertilizer is quite high and the main challenge in maintaining the standard of organic fertilizer production is due to the emergence of organic fertilizer rackets.

“Now compost is the waste from some country. There is a lot of waste in our country. If produced properly, the number of raw materials in our country will be sufficient. Now sometimes this is done as a racket and the raw materials are destroyed.

Through the two fertilizer corporations, we hope to produce fertilizer to a standard. We know who is making it. Only through that, we will provide fertilizer to the farmer. We will closely monitor whether yields decrease or increase. We will do that through the Agrarian Services Department. This monitoring is also done by all other government related institutions in the plantation industry. Because this is the first time as a whole country is going to this. If there is a problem from the next Yala season, we hope to solve it too. “

Minister Shashindra Rajapaksa said this while conducting an observation tour to inquire into the production of organic fertilizer and expressing his views to the media.



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