Herd immunity is not the priority against Covid at this moment: Prof. Malik Peiris

With the emergence of the delta variant of Covid-19, those vaccinated, however less likely, can get infected by the virus, in the event that the strain is very infectious, emphasised Prof. Malik Peiris, renowned clinical and public health virologist, in discussion with Dinesh Weerakkody, Chairman of the International Chamber of Commerce Sri Lanka, about smart lockdown in Sri Lanka during Covid-19.

Prof. Peiris made this observation in response to a query on whether herd immunity can save the country’s economy.

He noted that the vaccination was promising as it was showing results against the pandemic, developing herd immunity among the public, but the emergence of the delta variant may have changed the our priority in resistance to the pandemic, urging that the most vulnerable have to be protected.

Chennelling illusive herd immunity might be a future goal with the development of better vaccines, he went on, adding that vaccination does not necessarily protect a person from being exposed to diseases through the nose and mouth.

Accordingly, Prof. Peiris pointed out that herd immunity should not be the priority against Covid at this moment, but saving the lives of the most vulnerable.

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