Ranil’s Four-Pronged Protection Strategy to create a greater Sri Lanka revealed

The 75th Anniversary of the United National Party (UNP) was held at a grand event yesterday (05). Joining the occasion, Party Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe revealed the Four-Pronged Protection Strategy to build the country.

“This is the best opportunity to talk about plan that can move the country forward. Governments changed throughout history and we as a country have degenerated in terms of change of policies. We would have been a developed country, had we followed long-term accurate policies like Japan, China and Singapore.

Therefore, we propose to develop the country in the future wihin the framework of an unchanging long-term policy. It should be noted that this policy framework, as strong as iron, must be strenghtened by a legal obligation not to change as governments do.

We propose a four-pronged protection strategy to create a great Sri Lanka and a prosperious future. First and foremost is health care and protection. Second is economic security and protection. Third is the protection of knowledge and the four, the Environmental protection and care, as we define.

Our program consists of two parts. One is to create a great Sri Lanka in the long run. The other would be providing relief to improve the living standards of the people by building the country’s economy through short-term programs.

I call upon the UNPers, lets us work together for victory,” he said.

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