The importance of Panadura vadaya today

I read with much enthusiasm the series of proposals made by Dr. R.P. Fernando in response to Prof. Ananda Jayasinghe’s reminder of the Panadura Wadaya. The proposals made therein are worthy for consideration, as the younger generation is unaware of the yeoman contribution made by Ven. Migettuwatte Gunananda (MG) for the revival of Buddhism in Sri Lanka.

If one were to read the report of the Commission appointed by the All-Ceylon Buddhist Congress (ACBC) to inquire into the conversion of Buddhists to other religions by unethical means, all Sri Lankans would wholeheartedly agree that the conversion of Buddhists by immoral and fraudulent means, has become the highest threat the Buddhists are faced with right at the moment.

If Ven MG were alive, he would have definitely not been allowed to circumnavigate the unethical conversion of Buddhists to this magnitude, given his linguistic prowess, oratory and organisational skills.

The Commission appointed has made far reaching recommendations, more specifically 121 recommendations that should receive the highest priority for the protection of Buddhism. The highest respect that authorities could bestow on late Ven. Migettuwatte Gunananda is to ensure that all these 121 recommendations are galvanised into action, with the support of the relevant stakeholders, as the conversion of Buddhists into other religions has become the most intractable threat today.


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