Another doctor quits COVID-19 Technical Committee?

Another doctor of the Health Ministry’s COVID-19 Technical Committee has stepped down from his membership from the committee.

Reportedly, Specialist Dr. Ashoka Gunaratne has resigned from the committee in this manner.

This is the second medical professional to quit the COVID-19 Technical Committee of the Health Ministry.

Recently, Dr. Ananda Wijewickrama also stepped down from the Committee.

Joining the ‘Big Focus’ program on Ada Derana 24 today (September 08), Dr. Anwar Hamdani commented on the resignation of Dr. Ashoka Gunaratne.

“There was such a thing this morning. It is informed through an email. That email goes to the Director-General of Health or the Secretary. Several doctors have resigned. It is their personal opinion. But these [doctors] are resources. These are resources that should be with us.”

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