International Community reiterates its deep concern over Hejaaz Hizbullah’s detention

The United Nations has reiterated that Sri Lanka’s Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA) should be reviewed in accordance with international human rights standards.

This has been revealed in a statement issued by seven high level UN envoys, including Mary Lawler, Special Representative to the United Nations Human Rights Defender.

The UN has called on the Sri Lankan government to amend the provisions of the PTA on a number of occasions and this was also included in the resolutions tabled against the island nation at the last HRC Session.

The above statement raises the UN’s deep concern over the ongoing detention of lawyer Hejaaz Hizbullah, who was arrested under the PTA. The envoys led by Lawler also pay attention to the fact that Hizbullah is restricted from visiting his lawyers for nearly a year using the provisions of the PTA.

Hizbullah was arrested on April, 2020 and kept in custody for nearly a year and he was produced before the Court due to the pressure exerted by the local and international groups and now is in remand custody pending trial.


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