If the Pfizer vaccine is given in Hambantota because of the port, isn’t there a port in Colombo too?

SJB MP S.M. Marikkar says that if the Pfizer vaccine is given to the 20-30 age group in the Hambantota District due to the port, the people of the Colombo District have the same right, and accordingly the Colombo youth should be given the Pfizer vaccine as well because of the Colombo Port.

If the government does not do so, the people in the Colombo district will protest against the government, he said.

Marikkar was addressing a media briefing at the office of the Leader of the Opposition.

“We saw that the CEO of the company was arrested following an investigation into the disappearance of data from the National Drug Regulatory Authority. We believe that investigations are being carried out based on a complaint lodged by Opposition MP Nalin Bandara on the 22nd of the 8th of this month. This data contains sensitive information on companies registered to import drugs, how, from which country, and what they import. This information which has all that data affects the health system of our country as a whole and all the people. If we data information like this, we have a question as to why this is happening.

Normally any company would do a system audit once a year to store this kind of information and data. Hasn’t this company done a system audit this year? If not, whose fault is it? If there is a risk of such data being erased, there should be a contingency plan. Didn’t this company have a contingency plan then? If there is this data, can we see if there are other companies that have come forward and asked for permission to import those quality kits, less than the companies that currently sell antigen kits? This institution cannot even investigate without information.

That is why we have doubts. It is questionable whether this can be answered by dealing with the disappearance of such sensitive information at such a moment.” he said.

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