Large-scale millers violated agreements: President’s Spokesman (VIDEO)

Large-scale paddy mill owners have reduced their daily rice production and distribution by more than 50 per cent in recent days, announced President’s Spokesman Kingsley Rathnayake.

A public acknowledgement made by the large-scale mill owners promising that they have understood the crisis befell the country and will not be embarrassing the government has now been violated, Rathnayake noted.

“Everyone understands that this is an unbearable injustice to the consumer who is suffering from the Covid-19 pandemic. During the raids carried out by the Commissioner General for Essential Services on September 08, 2021 alone, 807,375 kilograms of rice owned by the paddy mill owners and stored at warehouses have been purchased at government controlled prices and handed over to the SATHOSA.

You can easily understand the politics behind the situation by obtaining how the people who had accused the large-scale paddy mill owners of operating a rice mafia are now coming forward to protect them,” Rathnayake said.

He added that the President’s position, however, is to build a people-oriented economy and a prosperous country by making decisions in compliance with the powers vested in him for the benefit of the people, affirming the mandate and trust he was given.

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