PHIs ready to vaccinate children

Public Health Inspector’s Association’s President Upul Rohana stated that the PHIs would be ready to vaccinate children over the age of 12 in any event was a decision to reopen schools made.

Accordingly, Rohana added that these children should be vaccinated before the reopening of the schools. The process can be concluded covering all children within a very short period of time, if the relevant doses of the vaccines are provided, he noted.

“If a decision is made to reopen schools in the future, we need to work on the possibility of vaccinating all children over the age of 12 before the decision is implemented. Many countries in the world are currently vaccinating their children over the age of 12. If schools are to be opened, it is imperative that children be vaccinated before that,” Rohana said.

He added: “Until now, vaccinations in schools were carried out by the PHIs. The operation of vaccinating children would be very small compared to what we have been directing and operating currently. We can easily achieve that goal. If we are provided with the required doses and the necessary orders, we will be able to vaccinate all school children in a very short period of time safely.”


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