Everyone has to make sacrifices. Those who had 03 meals a day will have to live on 02 meals now

SLPP MP Jagath Kumara has said that the people will have to make sacrifices for a few more days until the current wave of covid is suppressed and those who have eaten three meals a day will have to live on two meals a day.

“I think a lot of people in the country are in a difficult situation today. We are worried about that because no one can live on 2,000 rupees. If the governments could give 20 000 instead of 2 000 we would have given it.

So we all have to make sacrifices. We also donated our monthly salary to the covid Fund. And if everyone had three meals earlier, maybe they would have to have two meals and lived a few more days. If we take action to curb this wave while living like that, the sacrifices we make today will be the reason for the future of our children and the country in the future. We will be able to take another leap forward.

When a country’s income is lost, a government has nothing to do. Therefore, we apologize to the people for the situation. At this stage we have not been able to do everything that the people expected. But we hope we can all move forward with this commitment. “

SLPP MP Jagath Kumara stated this addressing a media briefing held yesterday (11).

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