Enrolment of graduates into permanent cadre at public service delayed

The government has decided to delay the enrolment process of the graduates into the permanent cadre at the public service, due to the provision of a 06-month training in addition to the training period they are set to complete this September.

Accordingly, the decision will affect 60,000 graduates expecting permanent enrolment. The resolution in this regard was introduced by the Ministry of Public Services, Provincial Council and Local Government and will be tabled to the Cabinet today (13).

60,000 graduates were enrolled for the public service with a training period of one year since the current government’s reigning in. These graduates received an allowance of Rs. 20,000 during the training period, which was due to end in September this year.

A majority of these graduates are graduates in the Arts Stream and 18,000 out of 60,000 graduates are serving under a training period in the Education Ministry. The rest have been attached to other ministries and institutions, among which many are currently engaged in anti-Covid operations.

Although these graduates were set to permanently serve in the Development Officer Service, the plan had to be reversed due to the shortage of vacancies. A committee headed by the Secretary to the Ministry of Public Service, Provincial Councils and Local Governments has been appointed to resolve the matter and the committee has recommended that these graduates be attached to various vacancies in the Provincial Councils, Ministries and Departments.

Accordingly, a further training period of six months will be provided to them prior to being enrolled into the permanent cadre.


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