Covid risk not yet over. We’re still in Red Zone: SLMA

The Sri Lanka Medical Association (SLMA) stated that Sri Lanka as a country is not yet free from the Covid-19 pandemic and remains in what it claimed to be the red zone.

Union President Specialist Dr. Padma Gunaratna speaking to a press briefing held today (14) noted that it is important to ensure that another wave of Covid does not emerge at a time when the existing wave is receding.

In the event that more than 2000 Covid cases are being identified on a daily basis, there could be more than 6000 cases in the community and about 150 deaths are being reported, she emphasised.

“The prevention of the occurrence of another wave would be very important for us amid the declining of the existing wave. We, as a country, have not yet come out of the risk. We already locate more than 2000 cases a day. This means that there could be more than 6000 cases in the community. At present, more than 150 deaths occur every day. At the same time we know that the main variant is Delta. This is the variant that has spread beyond Colombo in Sri Lanka. It is the fastest spreading variant. In view of these facts, we cannot conclude that our country has escaped from the danger. The country is still in the Red Zone. The hospital system has not come out of the danger of being overloaded,” she noted.

Dr. Gunaratna added that the government and the people, therefore, should take decisions responsibly.


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