Antibiotics and hormone treatment are linked to Covid deaths. Do not take medication without medical advice (VIDEO)

Dr. Channa Perera, a forensic pathologist at the National Institute of Infectious Diseases and the Colombo East Base Hospital, said that cases of early death due to antibiotics and hormone treatment have been identified.

He was speaking to the media in Colombo today (15).

The forensic pathologist said that in this case, antibiotics or hormonal contraceptives should not be taken for covid 19 without medical advice.

He noted that post-mortem examinations of more than 100 bodies infected with the covid 19 virus had identified these conditions.

The majority of people who die from Covid 19 die from Covid pneumonia, which is caused by a secondary bacterial infection. He stated that since antibiotics are given at that time, it is necessary to give more potent antibiotics in case of pneumonia due to unnecessary antibiotic or hormone treatment without prior medical advice.

In such a situation, various complications due to antibiotics can adversely affect the internal organs and some people have died due to the effects of antibiotics, he said.

Therefore, he further stressed that people should not take antibiotics or hormone therapy without medical advice.

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