‘Black Fungus’ cases found in several areas : Health Spokesman

Several people have been diagnosed with the ‘black fungus’ that is maiming those infected with Covid-19, revealed Specialist Dr. Hemantha Herath, Health Spokesman and Deputy Director General of Health Services.

These cases have been reported in the Colombo National Hospital, the Kurunegala Hospital and the Ratnapura Hospital, he added.

He added that he is not in possession of exact statistics on the number of persons infected with the black fungus, adding that only a very limited number of patients have been identified so far.

Although the disease is not contagious, it can spread to those of immunocompromised bodies, he went on, pointing out that people infected with it are more likely to become critical of their health status.

He added that the black fungus can occur on the skin, nose, brain, lungs, eyes, or any other internal surface of the body. The disease is caused by the fungus spores entering the atmosphere from place where decaying garbage and molds are retained. The spores could spread on the skin through air and infect a person, he noted, urging the public that it is better to seek medical advice, if symptoms of a fungal infection appear.


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