The homemakers breaking taboos on Instagram

As a child, Pradnya loved kabaddi, a popular local sport, and dancing. Although she was a good player, her parents never encouraged her ambitions. But now – 47 and a widow – she says she has rediscovered her other passion – dancing – thanks to social media.

Sixty-five-year-old Vasanti once struggled to make ends meet while selling snacks on a pushcart. But now her three sons have successful careers and she has decided to focus on herself. With ehr youngest son’s help, she began sharing videos of her lipsyncing to popular songs.

Reetu, 46, became a local celebrity for her Instagram dancing videos – although her family was not happy about it. But with her husband’s support, she says she has decided to forge ahead and dream bigger.

The three women tell the BBC about their journey to internet fame.

Produced by Divya Arya and edited by Anshul Verma

Shot by Sharad Badhe, Tejas Vaidya, Pavan Jaishwal, Sarabjit Dhaliwal and Gulshan Kumar

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