A committee is appointed to amend the Prevention of Terrorism Act to save the GSP+ concession

The Secretary to the Ministry of External Affairs, Admiral Jayanath Colombage has stated that the continuation of the GSP + concession will depend entirely on the amendment to the Prevention of Terrorism Act and that the Government has appointed a committee of experts to study how the Act could be amended expeditiously.

“Now the GSP + concession really depends on the Prevention of Terrorism Act. A Cabinet Sub-Committee was appointed to look into the matter and that Cabinet Sub-Committee appointed another Committee of Experts to study the immediate action we can take on the Prevention of Terrorism Act. In fact, earlier proposals had been made to repeal the Prevention of Terrorism Act. No country can function without a Prevention of Terrorism Act. As such, those activities are being carried out. We look forward to the arrival of EU representatives. We are not afraid, we have nothing to hide. “

Jayanath Colombage stated this while expressing his views to the media yesterday (16).

An EU delegation is scheduled to visit Sri Lanka on the 27th to discuss the extension of the GSP + concession and will hold direct discussions with the President, the Prime Minister, and other officials.

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