Daily PCR and antigen tests are limited. The reduction of the no. of daily cases is ’artificial’- Upul Rohana

Upul Rohana, President of the Sri Lanka Public Health Inspectors’ Association, says that at present only a very limited number of PCR and antigen tests are being conducted in the country and that the number of cases of covid infections is being shown artificially.

“PCR and antigen tests are very limited at the moment, which is why there is an artificial reduction in patients. Due to the circular issued by the Director General of Health Services, only those who have symptoms are currently subjected to PCR or antigen testing in order to release first class associates from quarantine. We are working to release anyone who has no symptoms to society without undergoing a PCR or antigen test.

Home quarantine is working successfully. But when people are released from home quarantine, it is clear that there is a certain risk as everyone is currently being released without being tested for PCR or antigen.

We used to do antigen or PCR tests after home quarantine for a long time. But it was stopped all at once. So we can continue the process that we have been doing for a long time, or we can release the patients from quarantine in 21 days instead of 14 days.”

Upul Rohana stated this while expressing his views to the media in Colombo yesterday (17).

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