State Minister Channa Jayasumana urges citizens to get vaccinated quickly

State Minister Chann Jayasumana stated that it is not practical to vaccinate at a continuous phase of the country being locked down and the citizens of age above 20, therefore, should be vaccinated immediately.

Some people refrain themselves from getting vaccinated in various claims, the Minister went on, adding that the vaccination against Covid will be completed for all those above age 20 within the next two weeks.

As of now, over 50 per cent have been completely vaccinated and a considerable account of people has been administered with the first dose of the vaccine, he added. Should people, who avoid being vaccinated, come forward to get vaccinated, the restrictions could be lifted soon and normalcy in the country can be maintained, Jayasumana added.

The initiative of vaccinating school children will begin as soon as the recommendations of the health authorities are received, the Minister further went on, adding that since it has been decided to vaccinate them with only the Pfizer vaccine, no one should be having any doubts regarding the vaccination process for children below the age 20.

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