Ready to call off strike action. But no positive answer from government: Stalin

The government has not yet come up with a positive solution over the teacher-principal struggle despite the trade union being eager of calling off the strike action, emphasised Joseph Stalin, Secretary of the Ceylon Teachers’ Union today (23), making an update about the trade union action launched by the Joint Alliance of Trade Unions of School Teachers and Principals.

Stalin revealed that no opportunity has been given to discuss the matter with the Finance Minister yet.

The Union Secretary added that the trade union action will continue until a solution is found and urged the government to hold immediate discussions in fostering a solution.

“Although examinations are being conversed of enthusiastically, there is still no subject coverage. Therefore, a decision has to be taken about the examinations. This morning the Secretary of Education told media that there is no final decision regarding the conduct of examinations. According to the government, if the lockdown ends on October 01, the schools may reopen in mid-October. We say solve our problem before the opening of schools. The strike action will continue until an acceptable solution is provided. It was the education we provided that we stopped. If the government did not prolong the issue, children would now be receiving online education. Will only children come to schools as they reopen? From our end, we have now taken a step back. We have been flexible. But it is the government that is prolonging the matter. At present the government is inciting parents more than ever. We deny the allegations of intimidation. There is no such thing. During the CID investigation, the officers have admitted that our teachers did not make any threats. According to the Trade Union Ordinance we can inform, promote and speak about it. We are not doing anything against the children or parents.”

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