Health experts urge youths to get vaccinated without delay and not be misled by baseless opinions

Professor of Community Health at the Medical Faculty of the University of Colombo, Manju Weerasinghe urged the youth not to be misled by the baseless opinions expressed by certain persons with commercial interests, and to take the vaccines against the COVID-19 virus at the first available opportunity.


The Professor points out that there is no scientific basis to the statements made by certain persons that sexual impotence and infertility are caused in the human body due to the vaccine. He urged the youth not to fall prey to such false opinions and act wisely, protect themselves and the country as well.


Professor Weerasinghe was speaking at a media briefing organized by the Government Information Department to respond with scientific facts to the fallacies being circulated through various platforms, which it says are intended to disrupt the ongoing COVID-19 vaccination program.


The death toll on persons over 60 has reduced due to vaccination. Professor Weerasinghe called on the propagandists who circulate false opinions with ulterior motives not to disrupt the current vaccination program that intends to save the lives of the youth.

The second jab of the vaccine was given to nearly 12 million citizens by September 26. Another 2.2 million are waiting for the Second dose. The best solution, not only in Sri Lanka but also in the world to control the COVID-19 pandemic is vaccination, he said.

According to Professor Weerasinghe, the first legislation on vaccination against communicable diseases was brought by Parliament of Great Britain in 1853. That was to control Smallpox. Since then, the factions who oppose vaccination have one reasoning that it is futile, might contain unhealthy substances therefore, countries should not accept the command of Western Medicine. Vaccines were introduced against Rabies in 1885, Diphtheria in 1920. Several vaccines were introduced between 1949 and 1955 as well. Therefore, vaccination has been proved the most effective treatment and decisive factor as it has been able to control several contagious diseases to the minimum level possible.

Addressing journalists, consultant physician attached to the Homagama COVID-19 Treatment Tertiary Hospital Dr. Eranga Narangoda said vaccination helped reduce the number of COVID-19 related deaths and infected patients as well.

Complete immunization is developed in the human body two months after the vaccination of both doses.  When tested positive for the disease during this pending period, the condition of even a vaccinated patient could become serious or the patient could die. 

The Doctor refuted the public opinion that immunity generation differs from one brand to other. He said all 08 vaccines recommended by WHO have an equal capacity of immunization.  Pfizer has been recommended for children between 12 to 18 and all others over 18 would get immunization from any variety of COVID vaccines.

Meanwhile, Sri Lanka has recorded the least child-death rate in the South Asian region because children are vaccinated in prescribed time, said Director of the Family Health Bureau, Community Health Specialist Dr. Chithramali de Silva.   

She said child vaccination began in 1961 but it was extended island-wide in 1978. The Child-death rate could be reduced by examining the health of children intermittently and giving them relevant jabs. She said WHO has not recommended vaccines against COVID-19 for children below 12.

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