MP Rajitha Senaratna confirms State Minister Channa Jayasumana’s medicine list is fake (VIDEO)

State Minister of Drug Supplies Prof. Channa Jayasumana alleged in Parliament that the Captopills syrup, which is purchased for Rs. 395 under the current regime, was purchased for Rs. 55,185 during the Good Governance regime. Backing his claim, Jayasumana tabled a list of medicines and accused former Health Minister now MP Dr. Rajitha Senaratne of engaging in a massive racket through the purchase of medicines.

Responding to the allegations the following day, MP Senaratne debunked Jayasumana’s list by proving that the price list is false. The MP called in a press briefing today (27) and revealed that the Captopills syrup which the Good Governance regime was accused of purchasing for Rs. 55,185 has actually been purchased for Rs. 475.92. The Rs.80 increase was due to the government’s purchase of a lesser number stocks during the Good Governance regime, Senaratne revealed.

Jayasumana accused the Good Governance regime of purchasing lorazepam for Rs. 18,330 while the current regime was purchasing it at Rs. 373. Debunking the claim, Dr. Senaratne pointed out that the drug was purchased for Rs. 1446.25 each during the Good Governance regime. The MP further revealed that the current regime has also purchased the drug for the same price (Rs. 1446.25 each) thereby ruling out the claim that lorazepam was purchased for Rs. 373.

Reminding that he as the then Health Minister had looked into all areas related to health in his subject, Dr. Senaratne further noted that despite the appointment of a number of ministers to the health service today, State Minister Channa Jayasumana, who has no proper knowledge, is presenting various false statistics on the purchase of medicines.


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