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The UK Open will see 256 pool players compete from May 17 to May 22 at the Copper Box Arena, London with a buy-in of only $200, live on Sky Sports; the likes of Jayson Shaw, Kelly Fisher, Darren Appleton, and Shane Van Boening will be taking part

Last Updated: 27/09/21 11:27am

Jayson Shaw believes the introduction of The UK Open will be 'massive for UK pool'

Jayson Shaw believes the introduction of The UK Open will be ‘massive for UK pool’

The UK Open 9-ball pool tournament is set to take place for the first time in May 2022 in London, with a total prize fund of $200,000.

The tournament will feature alongside The World Pool Championship, US Open Pool Championship, Mosconi Cup, World Pool Masters and World Cup of Pool on Sky Sports.

“We’ve been talking a lot about expanding the Matchroom Pool Series and it’s now we stop talking and actually turn it into actions. We’ve acquired the US Open and the World Championship and now we’re going to launch a new event. It’s the biggest prize fund in British pool and the biggest field size, it’s just so exciting.”

Matchroom Multi Sport Managing Director Emily Frazer

The UK’s No 1 player Jayson Shaw is excited to see a new 9-ball tournament on British shores.

He said: “It’s fantastic seeing another event added to the UK calendar for the UK fans and everybody in Europe will be excited to have a big tournament there. I am really looking forward to it and I cannot wait to see what the setup is. Matchroom are doing good things for pool, and this is massive for UK pool.”

Women’s world champion Kelly Fisher said: “It’s fantastic news it’s really exciting. Matchroom are doing great, it’s fantastic for our sport, players, and fans.

“It’s the first time it’s ever been done in pool, we’re getting it in the UK, and I think we will see a lot more players coming through over the next few years with the opportunity to knuckle down.”

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