MP Rajakaruna debunks false allegations on Opposition Leader involving land in Darley Road (VIDEO)

Leader of the Opposition Sajith Premadasa has been implicated in a defamatory scandal over a land grab committed by the Housing Development Authority in 2006, revealed SJB MP Harshana Rajakaruna, speaking to a briefing held in the Opposition Leader’s Office today (28).

The land in question was located in Darley Road, Colombo, and was acquired for a development project in 2006 and continued operations under Wimal Weerawansa as the former Housing Minister in 2011, MP Rajakaruna reminded.

“We can see that state-sponsored terrorism is being used to plunder lands at a time when the EU envoys are visiting the country to provide the GSP+ concession. Now we can clearly see that the Housing Development Authority has forcibly taken a land in Darley Road through the Ministry of Housing and with the support of the Housing Minister. When such a situation occurs, will a foreing investor set foot in this country? If we want to build this country now, we need foreign investors as well as local investors. But what about state-sponsored terrorism?

Now, an attempt is being made to launch a defamatory attack against Mr. Sajith Premadasa, implying that this was an affair happened during his tenure at the Housing Ministry. But this had happened in 2006, I must say clearly. I have the Cabinet paper. This affair had taken place in 2006, as well as in 2011 under Wimal Weerawansa as the Minister. An affair that happened in 2006 further took place in 2011.

But what is this misbehaviour they commit without attracting local and foreign investors? Using state-sponsored terrorism, now the Colombo Municipal Council has also been instructed to look into the rights of the affair. Then the investors – local or foreign – have to face a crisis situation in the country due to the implementation of law. They came in with ‘One-Country, One-Law’, but now there are sixty laws in one country. The country is being governed as they please. So, we urge you not to drag this country into disrepute,” the MP said.

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