NMRA data erased after CID began probing corrupt deals during yahapalana rule – MP

By Prabhath Withana

SLPP Colombo District MP Madhura Withanage says that the National Medical Regulatory Authority’s data were erased only after he had lodged a complaint at the CID seeking an investigation into alleged corrupt deals there.

Addressing the media at Pita Kotte on Friday the MP said he had lodged a complaint with the CID on 06 April, calling for a probe into NMRA’s deals during the 2015-2019 period.

“Corruption was rampant at the NMRA during that period. So I made a complaint to the CID on 06 April. Thereafter, the CID started investigations and visited the NMRA to inspect its records.

The CID, in some instances, had to obtain court orders to get access to the NMRA reports. The investigation went on and the CID was about to trace the culprits. Following this came the news that some data had gone missing from the NMRA database. Now, it is clear that some parties who wanted to cover their corrupt deals had done it. The Opposition leader Sajith Premadasa or his men do not know the gravity of this issue. They come to parliament and speak as if our government had deleted data from the NMRA database. They should know that the data had been erased to cover frauds that took place while they were in power,” the MP said.

Withanage said that there was evidence that NMRA granted licences to only a group of selected medicine suppliers during the yahapalana period. “There were instances where registrations of some suppliers were delayed while some others were given preference.

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