CID searches for the Divaina editor in the office of Lankadeepa Newspaper

The Criminal Investigations Department has commenced investigations into the alleged garlic fraud through the CWE. The fraud was exposed by Thushan Gunawardena, the former executive director of the Consumer Affairs Authority.

They have summoned several newspaper editors and journalists to the CID. These newspaper editors and journalists have reported statements made by Thushan Gunawardena.

However, it was later reported that the summoning of journalists to the CID was suspended due to the intervention of the Prime Minister.

A team of CID officers had visited the Lankadeepa head office at Hunupitiya Cross Road in Colombo yesterday (28) morning. It is to question the Lankadeepa Editor-in-Chief and journalists. The Lankadeepa editor had informed that he was not ready to make a statement at that time and accordingly the police team had to return empty-handed.

A letter had been issued to the Lankadeepa newspaper with the official stamp of the SP of the CID C.D. Wickramasekara summoning the journalists to the CID.

The editor of the Divaina newspaper has also been informed by the relevant letter sent to the Lankadeepa newspaper. The CID officials who are trying to solve very serious crimes do not even know that Lankadeepa and Divaina are newspapers published by two newspaper agencies.

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