Restoration of 21.2 km road nearing completion to ease woes of people in Puttlam, Chilaw, Anamaduwa towns

Rural Roads and Other Infrastructure State Minister Nimal Lanza said yesterday that the road development work from Madurankuliya to Andigama via Makumbukkadawala was now nearing completion.

He said the first phase of the road covering a stretch of 9.7 km had been completed and the second phase of an extent of 11.5 km was nearing completion. The road had been developed in response to a request made by people to President Gotabaya Rajapaksa during one of his visits to the district, the Minister said.

Minister Lanza said that a sum of Rs 222 million had been spent on its first phase and another sum of Rs 250 million had been allocated for the work on the second phase.

The road would be linked to an A Grade road and a B grade road of the national road network to ease transport problems of Puttalam, Chilaw and Anamaduwa towns, he said.

The road had been in a dilapidated condition when the President visited the area and the people pointed out to him the urgent need to restore it, not only to ease traffic congestions in the nearby towns but also help them transport their produce to the market in a shorter time, the Minister said, adding that the road engineers had expressed their confidence that the work would be completed very soon.

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