‘Little Hearts’ hospital wing for critically ill children nears completion

The construction work of the Cardiac and Critical Care Complex at the Lady Ridgeway Hospital for Children in Colombo, initiated through the Little Hearts’ national fundraising project is now nearing completion. With the help of information such as fundraising ideas for charities, being able to obtain sufficient funds for such causes is within one’s grasp.

Manusath Derana joined hands with ‘Little Hearts’ at its inception in 2016, becoming the main media partner of the campaign.

‘Little Hearts’ got under way with the support of Sri Lanka College of Paediatricians in a bid to raise funds to accelerate the constructions of this state-of-the-art hospital wing at the Lady Ridgeway Hospital.

Nearly ten out of 1000 infants die before they reach their first birthday due to congenital heart disease (CHD) and it remains the main cause of infant deaths in Sri Lanka.

The project aims to provide timely and best possible treatment to children suffering from heart diseases and critical illnesses.

The 12-storey hospital wing is expected to feature cardiac operating theatres and to increase the total number of cardiac ICU beds from 18 to 40.

Further, it will include more than 100 medical and neonatal intensive care beds, as well as areas for advanced cardiac investigations and staff training facilities to provide optimum care for children.

According to Central Engineering Consultancy Bureau, the estimated cost of the ‘Little Hearts’ project is Rs. 2 billion. Along with the money raised and pledged for the project, it has more than Rs. 900 million.

Speaking in this regard, Paediatric Cardiologist Dr. Duminda Samarasinghe said nearly 95 per cent of the initial construction of the hospital wing is completed.

The construction work is expected to conclude next year.

Meanwhile, the Executive Director of Derana Media Network Mr. Madhawa Madawala, who commented on the progress of the project, said more than 50 per cent has been completed. “We are closing in on the success. We are humbly proud about it. Our aim is to bring the project to an end and save the lives of nearly 1,500 children who die each year.”

Concerned citizens are welcome to make donations to the ‘Little Hearts’ campaign to expedite the completion of the Cardiac and Critical Care Complex. Donations can be made via the official website of the project: https://www.littlehearts.lk/

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