Ranindu scores five points at Joytu Sheikh Hasina International Chess Tournament

National Chess Champion Ranindu Dilshan Liyanage and FIDE Master Sasith Nipun Piyumantha scored five points and 4 1/2 points respectively at the Joytu Sheikh Hasina International Chess Tournament organized by the Bangladesh Chess Federation from September 19 to 27 in Dhaka to mark their Prime Minister’s 75th Birthday.

Ranindu who is from Ananda College started strongly forcing a draw in the game against Iranian Grandmaster Eshan Ghaem Magami and scored points against FM Nazir Ahmed (2185), Nayem Haque (2080), FM Subrota Biswas (2282), all three from Bangladesh and International Master Mahmud Lodhi (2334) from Pakistan. He also drew against Asyal Abdijapa(2409) of Kyrgyzstan. Ranindu’s defeats were against International Master Shete Sammed(2412) of India, Grandmaster Masoud Mosadeghpour (2486) of Iran and Sourath Biswas(2219) of India. He gained 77 rating points.

Sasith Nipun Piyumantha of Dharmasoka College scored points against Choudhry Marsouqe (1801), Swarnavo Choudhry (2079), Sakline Mustafa (1770) and Sarrif Hussain (2118) all from Bangladesh and forced a draw to the game against International Master Kostav Chattergee (2431) of India. His defeats were against International Master Aronyak Goush (2440) of India, Grandmaster Vadiem Malakhatko (2447) of Belgium, International Master Fahad Rahman (2339) of Bangladesh and Grand Master Sugharev Alexander (2409) of Ukraine.

International Master Sankalp Guptha(2433) of India won the championship ought right scoring seven points out of 9 games. Indian players dominated the event winning the first four places. International Master Mitabha Guha, International Master Aronyak Goush and International Master Das Sayantan scored six and half points each to be placed second, third and fourth respectively.

A total of 67 players including 9 Grandmasters and 14 International Masters from Bangladesh, Belgium, Czech Republic, India, Iran, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Ukraine participated in the event at which a total prize fund of USD 15,000.00 was on offer.

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